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Don McDowell

“Shake, Rattle & Troll Radio was founded in 2001, the recipient of multiple media awards, including 3 time AZGFD Media & Advocate of the Year, has become the longest running outdoor radio show in the history of Arizona and the southwest. Host Don McDowell, is a professional Tournament Bass Angler, factory pro-staffer hunter, avid saltwater angler and charter master.

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The primary focus of SRT is local, regional with national guests on seasonal hunting, fishing and related conservation topic and supports the North American Model of Conservation.

Don and Co-host John Koleszar, President of the AZ Super Big Game Raffle, AZ Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation and his special guests provide expert tips on fresh and saltwater fishing, updates on local and “Deep Sea” fish counts, local lake information, fishing conditions and tournament results while promoting our angling and hunting sports, industry, local and national pros.

1590 The Fanatic

Shake Rattle And Troll Broadcasting On 1580 AM and 99.3 FM The Fanatic

Information about the greatest people in the world… our Listeners!  Access to this audience will directly impact your business.

  • Two-thirds of the audience falls between 25 and 54, with the average age being 47 years old-76% of Shake, Rattle & Troll listeners are in this age group.
  • Time Spent Listening to Sports Radio is competitive with other male-driven formats, and is bucking national listening trends by showing an increase among listeners 35-64.
  • 86% of the audience is male.
  • Sports Radio Listeners are among Radio’s most educated audience with nearly 80% having attended or graduated from college (only Classical formats score higher).
  • The Sports Radio audience ranks in the top-3 of all formats for Listeners with postgraduate degrees.
  • Sports Listeners are among the most likely of all Radio Listeners to be married.

Sports Radio Fans are Affluent!

SportsfansThe following statistics are no surprise considering that the Sports Radio audience has the highest percentage of full-time employed Listeners of all formats.

  • Nearly half of Sports Radio Listeners live in households earning $75k or more annually–no other format does better.
  • Sports Radio Listeners also rank tops among households earning $100k or more.
  • Our Listeners are also most likely to have investments.
  • Sports Radio Listeners rank second-strongest in home ownership, and rank third-highest among those owning homes valued at $500k or more.
  • Sports Listeners lead the pack when it comes to purchasing HDTVs, and are also much more likely to visit the movie theater two or three times per month.

Sports Radio Fans are Active!

Active SportsfansBy their nature, Sports Radio Listeners love sports — but they also index highly among all formats in terms of physical activity, especially for belonging to health/exercise clubs, playing tennis, weight/circuit training, bicycling, and hiking.

To transport all that sporting gear, Sports Radio Listeners are 62% more likely than the average person to have plans to buy an SUV, car or truck within the next 12 months — no other format indexes higher.

The Promotion Of Shake Rattle And Troll Radio Show

Radio APPThe SRT Radio program will be streamed live on the Don McDowell’s Facebook page as well as promoted via Facebook, newsletter and twitter each week.
The radio broadcast is streamed live on 1580AM with links on the SRT website.  Shows are archived in an SRT podcast via the station and viewers can download the App to their phones, ipads, etc.  The “live stream” to the SRT Facebook page will be archived on the SRT website.  Listeners will have a link to the free App.
“The Fanatic” promotes our radio show via electronic bill boards and simulcasts to two other stations.  As a result of the above, there is intense focus on the Arizona region with significant national reach.

Shake Rattle And Troll Website Technology Facts

Shake, Rattle & Troll (SRT) has moved to a different platform for website promotion, engaging in a professional Search Engine Optimization provider that has taken Shake, Rattle & Troll Nationally in just 4 months.  Our insurgence into the social media arena has followed in the same growth pattern.  We also employ impression and click tracking software to track user activity and navigation.

Website Performance (1st 6 months)

  • 21,000 pages of content in 6 months, estimating 100,000 after 12 months.
  • 10,000+ Page views per month, estimating 50,000+ after 12 months.
  • 5,000 Facebook friends on Don’s personal profile.
  • 2,000 Facebook likes on SRTOutdoors business page.
  • 500,000 Group members.
  • 3,000+ postings on Instagram
  • 500+ video’s on YouTube

Shake Rattle And Troll Sponsorship Programs

($500 weekly investment per hour)

  • Exclusive Title Sponsor will be included in show open.
  • Exclusive Title Sponsor will be included in a minimum of three rejoins per show.
  • Exclusive Title Sponsor receives a minimum of two (2) mentions per show.
  • Exclusive Title Sponsor receives three (3):30 second commercials per show.
  • Live endorsement one (1) per hour.
  • Title Sponsor receives 15x: 30 second promos in all promos Mon-Fri 5am-10pm.
  • Exclusive Sponsorship of your website at
  • 300×250 banner ad on home page.
  • Banner ad on SRT weekly newsletter cover page.

($150 weekly investment)

  • Segment Sponsors will be mentioned during open & close of sponsored segment.
  • Segment Sponsors receive two (2):30 second commercials per show.

($75 weekly investment)

  • Commercial Sponsors receive two (2):30 second commercials per show.

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