The Shake, Rattle & Troll Hook & Bullet Club

SRT H&B LogoSRT Hook & Bullet provides certification of products presented to SRT for testing and review.  You can submit your request for review by forwarding an email to [email protected] with your contact information and pictures (high resolution) of product (s) for review.  Your product MUST be related to the Fishing and Hunting world.  All products submitted to our staff for testing become the property of Shake, Rattle & Troll.  Our staff will field test your product based on your operational guidelines provided by you within a reasonable time frame and under the ratings:


This category summarizes that the product performed as stated by you; performed flawlessly in the field and provides the user with a product that he can be proud of and would recommend to a friend.  If our staff would own it, we’ll promote it.


This category summarizes that the product performed as stated by you; performed well in the field with some minor issues and the would provide good service for the end user and would recommend to a friend.  Our staff wouldn’t hesitate to own this product and we would still promote it.


Once we receive your product, we will post it as “Under Review”.  After review, and SRT will get behind your product, we will first contact you with that review.  If accepted, we will:

  • Promote it on this page (below), with links to your home page or links to your store
  • Publish your item on the SRT Facebook Page
  • Issue a certification and a vehicle sticker

Hook & Bullet CertifiedBased upon the results, your product will be placed according to one the above ratings including pictures and a video review.  Products that are not certifiable will be returned to you.



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