Copper Versus Lead Bullets

Copper vs Lead Ammunition

March 13th 2018: The AZ Deer Association board of directors formerly support the use on non- lead ammunition, i.e. copper bullets as an alternative for the use in hunting in AZ not only in northern AZ but the balance of the hunt units

Copper Fragmentation
Copper Fragmentation

Sometime ago I participated in a scientific shoot at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility put on by the AZGFD, Allen and Chris from the California Condor Program in Northern AZ and Southern Utah. All the shooters were given number bags of long gun rounds, unidentified to the shooters as to brand, bullet type lead of copper. We engaged in controlled firing of the rounds down range at targets at paper target. The staff measure each salvo for comparison of accuracy. I happened to be shooting .30-06 and .308. Latter in the day nearing the conclusion, we shot into clear ballistic blocks with both lead and copper bullets for the purpose of demonstrating fragmentation of the bullets.

Before I tell you the take away conclusion, I went there with a preconceived notion that this whole lead fragmentation issue was a bunch of bull and being a shooter all my life I knew exactly what my bullets were doing upon impact.

Ok, so I admit I was totally wrong about what I thought I knew about my lead bullet fragmenting. Block after block reveal the extent of the lead fragment into various size bits far too many to count. Staggering results, I didn’t expect to see what I was actually looking at. The take away was and still is the amount of lead we consume as hunters from our game being harvested with lead bullets and lead shot. Stunned at the amount of lead I deposit into each of my big game harvests, not mention countless dove, quail, the occasional rabbit and water fowl before steel was a mandate.

So I purchase copper bullets as they are becoming more available from conventional sources, have them special ordered by my favorite sporting goods shop and have my reloader, Mr. Peters, use them for my hunting rounds in the .30-06 and .300 Weatherby mag.

Remington Solid CopperAZFGD has reported 90% voluntary compliance of non-lead use in northern AZ hunting units which is very commendable to the sporting community. And with California doing the lead bullet ban, rest assured we’re going to see more and more ballot initiatives trying to ban lead ammunition. Same issue applies to the banning of lead terminal fishing tackle. We’ve seen three major law suits, and more to come, in the northeast on the subject of Loons ingesting lead weights etc.. Lead’s not a joke, we need it, we use and we need to be aware that the liberal left will ban it give the chance, so the voluntary use of copper bullet and the reduction of using lead bullets can perhaps slow the liberal left agenda. If you have noticed the liberal left doesn’t ever stop.

The good news is you’ll find the expansion coefficient of copper bullets superior in performance and you will not lose your accuracy with the use of copper after you dial your weapons to the specific load and rounds your using just like you do with lead the counterparts. All positive and you won’t be consuming lead fragmentation from your big game.

That’s my story.

Don McDowell

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