Representative Paul Gosar Washington Review for July 30 2017

Gosar Review

Rep. Gosar Introduces Bill to Seek Justice for “Down Winders” Negatively Impacted by Government Nuclear Testing

On The HillJuly 28, 2017: WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) released the following statement after introducing H.R. 3531, the Downwinders Compensation Act, which will ensure partial restitution to victims who now have cancer and other serious medical issues as a result of being exposed to nuclear fallout and radiation during government testing:

“A strong military is absolutely vital to ensuring our national security, but the testing of government weapons should never jeopardize the well-being and health of Americans,” said Congressman Gosar. “Unfortunately for countless bystanders, this was not the protocol in years past. The exposure to cancer-causing carcinogens from atmospheric nuclear tests by the government has inflicted serious health implications, affecting the lives of thousands of Arizonans.

“Since my first term, I have I heard several gut-wrenching stories from individuals who now have cancer or have lost loved ones due to federal government negligence. For Congress to deny these victims the right to even file a claim is intolerable. It’s time for Congress to quit the cowardice and stand up to the injustice.”

“Congressman Gosar’s bill gives the help and recognition that the people of Mohave County who have suffered from the government’s radiation tests have long needed,” said Mohave County District III Supervisor Buster Johnson.

For Conservatives Health-Care Reform Is Not Optional

Gosar is disappointed in the SenateThe proximate reason, of course, for the failure of the GOP effort to repeal and replace Obamacare is that moderate Republican senators voted against it: in the most recent instance, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and John McCain. But Republicans’ health-care struggles stem from a solvable, but more fundamental problem: uniting both moderate and conservative Republicans around a single bill.

Moderate Republican senators, often representing purple or blue states, were reluctant both philosophically and politically to endorse legislation that increased the number of Americans without health insurance. Conservative Republican senators focused on the commitment they (and most of the moderates) had made to repeal and replace Obamacare, and more broadly, their commitment to limited government.

How Democrats passed Obamacare

When Democrats passed Obamacare — after many failed attempts in the 20th century to do something similar — they did so by uniting their ideological and pragmatic wings. The ideological wing hated the idea of paying private companies to cover the uninsured, strongly preferring single-payer. The pragmatists, looking to maintain their cred in purple-to-red states, sought to borrow ideas, however imperfectly, from Mitt Romney et al.

Democrats recognized the central importance of the Congressional Budget Office in bringing their two wings together. When Democrats retook Congress in 2006, they appointed Peter Orszag to head the CBO, as part of a deliberate strategy to stack the CBO in favor of their health-care agenda. Orszag proceeded to build out the entire health policy wing of the CBO — representing dozens of staffers — with like-minded individuals. After Obama won the 2008 election, Orszag captained the health-reform effort at the White House’s Office of Management and Budget.

Allowing Responsible Mineral Production To Continue In Northern Minnesota

Breaking NewsWASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressional Western Caucus Chairman Paul A. Gosar D.D.S. (AZ-04), Chief Infrastructure and Forestry Officer Rep. Bruce Westerman (AR-04), Western Caucus member Rep. Tom Emmer (MN-06) and Chairman of Jobs for Minnesotans Nancy Norr released the following statements after a successful hearing in the House Committee on Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy and Minerals Resources examining Rep. Emmer’s draft legislation which will allow responsible mineral production to continue in Northern Minnesota:

“Today’s hearing was to bring forth a discussion on the potential to revitalize communities in northern Minnesota by recognizing the rights of Minnesotans to exercise their mineral claims if any proposed mining projects can satisfy all of our stringent environmental requirements,” said Congressman Emmer. “We have a real opportunity to reverse the politically motivated and short-sighted actions the Obama Administration enacted on their way out the door and bring good-paying jobs and revenue to a region that greatly needs it.

Mining Press Conference
Mining Press Conference

Like all Minnesotans, I believe in preserving and protecting our natural resources and I have no doubt that we can find a way to preserve Minnesota’s pristine landscape without permanently destroying any future job creation or economic development in Minnesota. I am pleased we have taken action today to get us one step closer to allowing the research and exploration process to proceed, while protecting the potential future economic opportunities in the great state of Minnesota,” he concluded.  MORE

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