Arizona Bill To Ban Cougar And Bobcat Hunting

Mountain Lion

The Estimated Mountain Lion Population Is Between 2,500 And 3,000 Animals In Arizona

Arizona sportsmen face an extreme threat to their hunting heritage and future wildlife conservation efforts with yesterday’s introduction of Senate Bill (SB) 1182. Referred to the Senate’s Natural Resources Committee on Jan. 26, SB 1182 seeks to ban the hunting of both mountain lions and bobcats statewide and give these predators protection as endangered species.

Submitted by Arizona State Senator Steve Farley (D-Tucson), SB 1182 aims to make it a crime to hunt mountain lions and bobcats in Arizona—punishable by a minimum fine of $8,000! But a reading of the bill finds no support or proof that these cats are in any way endangered.

HSUS Strikes Again

As for how this came about, look no further than the anti-hunting-extremist Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). A ban on mountain lion and bobcat hunting in Arizona was also specifically cited as necessary in a recent report that highlighted Arizona among the top five “deadliest” states for lions and bobcats. The HSUS report argued that such hunting must be stopped because it had “no scientific or management justification. …” Now Arizona sportsmen are left wondering how a documented animal-welfare-extremist initiative turned up as part of a bill actually being considered by a state senate committee.

At the moment, the bill has not been scheduled for a hearing, but the time to act is now. NRA-ILA urges Arizona sportsmen to contact their state senators and oppose SB 1182 as being without any scientific or conservation merit before this bill goes any further.

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Mountain Lions

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