April Background Checks: Strong Numbers Continue

Friday, May 5, 2017 April Background Checks: Strong Numbers Continue

Security Checks Rise
Security Checks Rise

The FBI released National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) data this week and the numbers tell an interesting story.

There were just over two million NICS checks last month (2,045,564 to be exact).

That is pretty good, especially when one considers that the greatest firearms salesman of all time just left office and we, thankfully, have relief from the constant threat to 2nd Amendment rights posed by President Obama and his would-be successor, Hillary Clinton.

So far, 8.7 million NICS checks have been run this year. That’s the second most all-time for January through April (2016 was first).  Those attempting to claim the gun industry is “singing the blues” had better retune their narrative.

Records set during the Obama era may not be reset every month under Trump’s Administration. That doesn’t mean firearms sales or interest in self-defense or the shooting sports are receding – when considered with the pro-gun allies in the White House and Congress, the NICS data shows just the opposite.

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