Goughnour Fishing Report

Gourhnour Fishing Report

May 25, 2017

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James Goughnour
James Goughnour

Fishing conditions continue to improve on Roosevelt Lake. Many fish have transitioned to a summer pattern which means more active feeding during low light conditions and longer rest periods during the hottest and brightest time of the day. From safe light until the sunlight hits the water, bass can be seen actively driving and feeding on shad in shallow water areas of main lake points. Many of the birds at the lake are taking advantage of the easy prey and can be seen on the shoreline or diving into the water to gobble up as much bait as possible. This scenario reappears within the last hour of sunlight in the evening.  Several baits which resemble Thread Thin Shad or Gizzard Shad are extremely successful. Reaction baits such as crank-baits, jerk-baits, spinner-baits were all reported successful. Top water baits such as Buzz-baits, Rico’s and frog baits are effective in the early morning and late evening.  As the coolness of the morning dissipates and is replaced with warmer breezes after the sun rises, bass will retreat to deeper water. However, that doesn’t mean they stop feeding. Bass in 20 foot deep water will attack a Senko or Roboworm, a jig or Texas rigged worm. A drop-shot technique which is always an excellent late spring through summer technique, was reported as excellent recently.    

The AZGFD finalized their research of the recent isolated fish kill on Apache Lake. According to Aquatics Branch Program Manager, Curt Gill, golden alga, which is a common occurrence on our lakes during the late spring and early summer, impacted several hundred sport-fish and bait-fish. Fortunately, it was localized to the Burnt Coral area of the lake and with the increased flows out of Roosevelt Lake, has now completely dissipated.
Crappie anglers reported fair fishing recently on Roosevelt Lake. Experienced crappie anglers are using a vertical fishing technique for crappie and fishing in 15-20 foot depths. The crappie spawn is largely completed and crappie will gather during early summer into larger schools. Small 1/16th oz. jig-head hooks with a grub tail is a favorite choice of local crappie anglers.

Trout fishing on any Rim Country stream or lake is excellent. AZGFD recently increased stockings of rainbow trout due to the anticipated number of holiday visitors to Rim Country. Early morning and late evening are prime times for summertime trout fishing. For fly anglers, dry flies in a black or dark green pattern are very effective. For those trolling or fishing from the shoreline,  Powerbait and small spinner-baits were reported successful.  

Have a great week of fishing and I hope to see you on the water. 

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