What You Need To Know When Traveling On Or Near The Southern Border

US Border Fence
Don McDowell with BP Agents
Don McDowell with BP Agents

Intrusion from Mexico, drug trafficking and invasion by illegal aliens into the United States creates matters of National Security, social and economic disdain. These issues, and more, are a matter of our concern for the majority of Americans.

The invasion into our southern Sonoran Desert, one of kind, has created severe impacts on wildlife, the habitat, water catchments and has increasing impacts on our ability to use and enjoy the southern reaches of our state.  On the Arizona Game and Fish State Hunting Unit Map, the Department of Homeland Security is clearly issuing an alert to the quality of your experience as a visitor or hunter.  DHS is, in effect stating, “You’ve Been Warned” by asking hunters to call 1 (800) BE-ALERT to report suspicious activity”.

If You Are There For Hunting Or Fishing
Call the Tucson Sector at 520-748-3210 which is the Public Affairs Office and Provide:

What sector you’ll be hunting
Number of persons in your party
Vehicle colors and plate numbers
Date range of your hunt

If You Are Visiting And You Have An Emergency

Vistor Information
Vistor Information

First and foremost, call 911 and describe your emergency.  If you are calling from a cell phone, be sure your “location services” are on.  The call will pinpoint your GPS location or if lost connection, the nearest cell tower will provide a starting point for the Border Patrol.

If you encounter  immigrants or illegal’s or you suspect you have:


Call 911 for the above reasons.  Provide as much information as you can
Number of people encountered
Descriptions including color of clothing
Articles carried if possible
Pictures if practical

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