Fishing For The Northern Pike

Tips And Tricks For Catching Northern Pike

Fishing for the Northern Pike is becoming an increasingly popular pastime in Europe and America. Effective methods for catching this hard-fighting fish include dead baits, lure fishing, and jerk baiting. They are prized as game fish for their determined fighting.

Lake fishing for pike from the shore is especially effective during spring, when the big pike move into the shallows to spawn in weedy areas, and later many remain there to feed on other spawning coarse fish species to regain their condition after spawning. Smaller jack pike often remain in the shallows for their own protection, and for the small fish food available there. For the hot summer and during inactive phases, the larger female pike tend to retire to deeper water and/or places with better cover. This gives the boat angler good fishing during the summer and winter seasons. Trolling is a popular technique.

A Quick Look At The Northern Pike

Northern Pike US DistributionBest Type of Lures – The best type of lures for northern pike are daredevils and jerk baits because they replicate the type of bait fish that can be found naturally in the lake you’re fishing in. For specific brands, we recommend Eppinger’s Original Daredevil Bait and Rapala’s Husky Jerk Bait. Large spoons can also be very effective, especially if you use a quality brand such as the Cotton Cordell Spoon Lure.

Playing Games with Bait – Northern pike are notorious for playing with angler’s bait. They will sometimes hit your bait and simply let go without actually running with it. You don’t want to try and set the hook until the fish actually tries to run with the bait. If you lose a northern pike then don’t reel in right away, go slowly, the fish might actually strike it again.

You Need the Right Size Bait – If you’re looking to catch a monster northern pike then you’ll need something bigger than the average tackle store minnow. Large northern pike won’t waste the time or energy to chase small bait fish, so you’ll want to use bait that is between 6 to 8 inches. Since most bait stores won’t carry these you’ll want to consider getting a tackle box to catch your own bait, you’ll even save a few bucks.

Fish the Weeds – Small to medium northern pike are usually found near heavily weeded areas. This is because they are ambush predators and like to ambush their prey. The larger northern pike will be where they can hide in deep water to attack larger types of fish such as walleye or largemouth bass.