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Don McDowell and the Shake, Rattle & Troll website provide the outdoorsman the opportunity to get the latest information on fishing , hunting and conservation with emphasis on Don’s efforts in working with the Arizona Fish & Game Department focusing on invasive species such as Mexican Gray Wolves , Feral Hogs , Gizzard Shad along with efforts to monitor and control wildlife populations. Don will show you the pro’s and con’s of wildlife management and periodically spotlight these efforts through guests on his weekly radio show .


The rules are being changed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about the recovery and management of the Mexican Gray Wolf.  Major impact on Hunters and Ranchers in New Mexico, Arizona and now Utah

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As of May 27, 2015, new regulations mandate that ALL passengers fishing within 12 miles of Mexico’s coast and their islands must possess a valid passport. This applies to ¾ day and full day Coronado Islands/Baja coastal trips. No other form of ID will be accepted. This does not apply to freelance/offshore trips.

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Rim Country Fishing Report June 27, 2015
By: James Goughnour
Rim Country Custom Rods

Good morning rim country anglers - Roosevelt Lake stands at 46% full. The Salt River is flowing at 60% of its normal rate for this time of year and the Tonto Creek has stopped flowing.

BASS: Conditions called good throughout the lake. The best success was reported recently is using Texas-Rig, Drop-Shot and Carolina-Rig techniques. Baits recommended include Senkos, ribbon tail worms, curly tail and lizard imitations. Experienced anglers are fishing main lake points in 20-35 feet water. Fish dark colored baits when night fishing, so black, dark blue and brown would be good colors to choose. Early evening fishing try a frog imitation bait.

CRAPPIE: After dark crappie fishing was reported to be fair again this past week. The mild weather is making it ideal for night time crappie fishing. A live minnow suspended about 2 feet below a split-shot weight is always the best bait for night time crappie fishing. Crappie lights are not as effective during full moon phases but definitely are a good tool during other moon phases.

TROUT: Stockings are underway and most angler are reporting excellent fishing on most every lake and stream. Several baits were reported successful so you will need to experiment. Small crankbaits in a crawfish color, Z-Rays, Mepps size 0 spinners and Powerbait were all reported successful recently. Fly anglers are reporting that dry flies fished extremely slow is the best summertime technique. Mornings and evenings were the best times reported which is a typical summer time pattern.