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Don McDowell and the Shake, Rattle & Troll website provide the outdoorsman the opportunity to get the latest information on fishing, hunting and conservation with emphasis on Don’s efforts in working with the Arizona Fish & Game Department focusing on invasive species such as Mexican Gray Wolves, Feral Hogs, Gizzard Shad along with efforts to monitor and control wildlife populations. Don will show you the pro’s and con’s of wildlife management and periodically spotlight these efforts through guests on his weekly radio show.

Capt Bill Wilkerson
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The Malihini was originally a PT Boat, PT 671

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Don and Guests typically run on the Malihini skippered by Capt Bill Wilkerson.

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Congressman (R)
Matt Salmon

Fisheries Chief
Chris Cantrell

OGT Director
Joshua Hurst

Commission Chairman
Kurt Davis

Asst to Director 
Jim Paxon

Bobby Wright nails 48lb 12oz Flathead Cat on Bartlett

May 19, 2016

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released a Compatibility Determination on April 12 and opened a 30-day comment period. That date has been extended so you can now comment through June 12th. The Compatibility Determination contemplates restrictions to areas used by recreational boaters on Lake Havasu. The AZGFD advises constituents to be aware of, and participate in, the public comment process. Commission Chairman Kurt Davis, Senator John McCain and Congressman Paul Gosar are all in opposition to this plan sighting loss of jobs and a huge economic impact to Arizona.

Roosevelt Lake received 40,000 new Florida Strain Bass residents recently. Bryant Dickens, an Aquatics Program Biologist with AZGFD, stated that the Gila County Roundtable members all arrived 30 minutes early to the release sites and when the truck arrived, the fish were in excellent health. The fingerlings, which were larger than last year, measured in the 3 to 4 inch range. Half of them were stocked into the Tonto end of the lake from the Cholla Ramp. The other half were driven down to the Salt end and released out of Badger Ramp. "The entire stocking effort went as smoothly as possible and many thanks to the volunteers," said Dickens.

Roosevelt Lake water level currently stands at 50% full. The recent storms helped somewhat, however recently, the Tonto Creek flow dropped to 17% and the Salt River flow is slightly below 50% of normal flows for this time of year. The water conditions in the lake are clear and the water temperature is in the mid 70's and getting warmer by the week.

BASS fisherman are reporting good fishing conditions. The spawn appears to be very successful with many anglers reporting huge schools of shad seen along the shoreline and tucked tightly into brush. Post spawning bass and juvenile bass in the 12 inch range are feeding on these shad aggressively. Larger and smarter bass will follow along below the shad ball and the action, picking up easy meals as injured shad fall to the bottom. A deeper running crank-bait can be very effective when targeting larger bass. If you're not finding shad in your location, try a Drop-Shot or Texas-Rig technique using a translucent color bait such as a Hologram Morning Dawn Roboworm. Both the 4 and 6 inch size bait are being reported successful.

CRAPPIE fishing reports increased dramatically recently due to the stable weather conditions and the post crappie spawn activity. Clearly the crappie are gathering in large schools and are heading into their summer pattern. Successful crappie anglers are fishing in 25 feet depths in submerged trees. Vertically fishing a small curly tail grub on a 1/16 ounce jig head is an excellent technique for late spring early summer crappie fishing.

The Payson Wildlife Fair was a huge success again this year. A large crowd estimated at 2,500 to 3,000 attended the fair. Amy Burnett, AZGFD Region 6 Information and Education Program Manager thanked all of the sponsors who contributed to the Fair and she is looking forward to many more events in Rim Country. If you didn't see the article in the Payson RoundUp about the 25-30 huge trout that were stocked into Green Valley Lake for this event, you can read it on-line.

AZGFD is stocking rainbow trout into all Rim lakes and streams. To see a complete list, visit the fishing section of the website. Trout fishing in Rim Country streams continues to be called very good by experienced trout anglers. Water levels in several streams is lower than normal so be sure to get trout back into the water as quickly as possible. The cloud cover is adding an increased hatch in the afternoon. Fly anglers can expect to see mayflies of all sizes taking to the air around 4 PM, with increased feeding action soon after.

Tune into the All Outdoors Show on KMOG radio in Payson to hear the fishing report and talk with knowledgeable guests about topics of interest to Rim Country. All Outdoors is on the air each Thursday, 5-6 PM, 1420AM, 103.3FM and live at


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Don McDowell...........Host
John Koleszar..........President AZ Deer Assoc
Chris Cantrell.........AZGFD Fisheries Manager
Dave Weedman...........AZGFD Fishery Projects on Roosevelt
James Goughnour........Rim Country Fishing Report


Excerpts from "Hypocrisy, Eagles & Tyranny"

On one side of the room (literally) was a flock of urban professional ladies recently arrived from their urban professional positions in the Capital area. On the other side of the room was a herd of middle-aged men dressed in Orvis casual duds that appeared about as nervous as hens finding themselves in a pack of coyotes.

The DNR's only justification for banning lead was twofold, first "California is doing it" and second, "everyone knows lead is bad for the environment"

In her quasi-scientific and convincing voice the "rescue" lady told us she had "seen" the result of lead in dead and injured eagles she had fluoroscoped and it wasn't pretty. Eagles, like loons, do not have a crop. They do not need "grit". What the lady saw in her "fluoroscope" could only have come from a shotgun by someone intending to shoot the eagle.

If Chicago or Gary Indiana wants more eagles in the neighborhood, it should be a matter for Illinois and Indiana to decide."

In 1917 US jurisprudence required removal of wildlife from state authority and place them under federal jurisdiction.

By 1940 US jurisprudence allowed removal of a species of wildlife from state authority and place it under federal jurisdiction.

By 1973 Congress simply Authorized a federal bureaucracy to simply LIST a species of wildlife and in effect exempt that agency (USFWS) to take property without compensation; destroy local economies, timber management, fire control, ranching, water use, land development, etcetera; decide whether or when to allow or ignore direct harms from their actions from human deaths to destruction of families and their livelihoods and local governance representation: all while subverting state bureaucracies to do their bidding and provide an illusion of legitimacy and acceptability to the unacceptable and un-Constitutional.

"A former FCC staffer writes that his ex-agency is "now in the near-exclusive business of shifting profits among corporate giants."

The Competitive Enterprise Institute finds that, last year, Congress passed a mere 114 laws and federal agencies issued a whopping 3,410 regulations. At 80,260 pages, last year's Federal Register was the third fattest in history.

"The double standard is stunning. In 2011 the Fish and Wildlife Service convinced the Justice Department to file criminal indictments against three oil companies working in North Dakota's Bakken field for inadvertently killing six ducks and one phoebe."

Read the full Jim Beers Report


Chandler, AZ resident soldier, Brendan Patrick Danaher aka "Yogurt". 33 years old, lost his extreme battle with cancer and related tumor involvement after having his leg amputated in an attempt to contain the cancer.

Brendan passed May 11th after becoming paralyzed due to pressure on his spine from a tumor growth and related complications.

Brendan proudly served as:


Inducted 5/21/2002

Discharged 5/20/2008

Brendan served with Attack Company 1st Battalion 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment "Geronimo's" and deployed to Abu Gharab, Iraq from 2004-2005. He also served with Embedded Training Team 9782 "Regulators" in Helmand Province Afghanistan in 2007 where he received a purple heart after suffering an IED blast.

We offer our condolences, thoughts and prayers to Brendan's wife Emily, his family and battle buddies with whom he served.


San Diego's International Yellowtail Derby

Will you be fishing the San Diego waters during the months of May & June, 2016? Specifically, from April 30th through June 5th?

San Diego's International Yellowtail Derby is a World Class fishing tournament reminiscent of San Diego's famous Yellowtail Derby of the 50s and 60s.

The Derby is for 35 days, but anglers can fish for only one day or for all thirty-six days. And all participants have an chance to win the big prizes because the biggest fish wins! Click here to see our Leader Boards.

The Derby is open to both private boaters and individual anglers who will fish aboard the famous San Diego Open Party Fleet.

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Get signed up by March 31 to get the Early Bird Discount Entry of $60. Enter on line or email the form to me at or FAX it to 866-745-5331 Yellow Tail Derby Sign Up

Don McDowell Announces Endorsement for Senator John McCain


Prominent Arizona Radio Talk Show Host, Don McDowell of "Shake Rattle and Troll" Outdoor Radio, 15 years on air, formerly has endorsed Senator John McCain. McDowell is noted for work in the outdoor community against government over reach, failed federal policies, land grabs and keeping access to our public and state lands for the outdoor recreators.

As Conservation Director for the AZ BASS Nation, The Bass Federation Arizona, Board Member of the Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation McDowell applauds the McCain's work on the Willow Beach Hatchery success, Sportsman's Initiative, Fighting the Grand Canyon National Monument, Ferrell Burro and Wild Horse failed management by the Bureau of Land Management and the rapidly failing Mexican Gray Wolf Introduction by the USFWS. McCain continues the fight for our Outdoor users, veterans and keeping America safe. According to McDowell a vote for McCain is a vote for our future of land and outdoor access and taking the fight of failed federal policies to the USFWS, BLM and those on the Hill that would have the constituency locked out of our states heritage.

The federal system is failed, the Hill is on fire, McCain's experience and focus is paramount for continuing to lead the fight for Arizona and who better to strive keeping America safe. McCain's a warrior!

McDowell states opponents Ward, Kirkpatrick Clark Meluskey and others don't have a clue, and the last we need for Arizona is more inexperienced freshman Senators or those with a tainted thought process like Kirkpatrick.

Ducey, Legislature...Need to Help!

In 2006, I wrote a lengthy article about the inequities involved in the pay structure for the law enforcement personnel in the Arizona Game & Fish Department. The department was loosing their personnel to competing agencies across the board. Some were leaving for DPS (Department of Public Safety) some were opting for local police departments and some were going to the local county sheriffs offices. At that time the then director for the Arizona Game & Fish Department was Duane Schroufe. The irony was that by simply switching uniforms the law enforcement people were upgrading their income by 20% across the board. Sportsmen agreed to a fairly substantial increase in big game tags so that the department could afford to pay for those employees who needed it the most. The promise was made that the rank and file would be taken care of. Oh by the way…… all of the pay for all Arizona Game & Fish Department personnel comes from sportsmen. Not a single penny comes from the Arizona general fund….. Remember that!

February, 2016. Here we are, 10 years later. The same issue has reared its' ugly head again. We are loosing people to competing agencies and the income rate for starting law enforcement personnel is at a rate that helps them qualify for food stamps!

This past year, the department and the Arizona Game & Fish Commission worked hard at trimming their budget so that starter law enforcement personnel could be brought up to a minimum standard that would be roughly equivalent to other wildlife agencies across the west. That "trimming" that the department worked hard to accomplish provided over $800,000.00 for new law enforcement folks. Care to guess what happened?

Governor Doug Ducey and staff refused to allow the pay increases. For some unfathomable reason, started many years before me, the department and all personnel are lumped together with all other state of Arizona agencies under what is termed the ADOA (Arizona Department of Administration). Since it appears that Arizona Geme & Fish personnel have always been under paid, the trend has continued as far back as you care to research. Here is the kicker….. Law enforcement personnel for the Arizona Game & Fish Department are required to have a degree. To qualify for other agencies, you must have a high school degree or GED. With a moratorium on pay increases and hiring, the fiscally conservative Governor Ducey and staff refused to increase the most needed areas for the Arizona Game & Fish Department. Remember that the Arizona Game & Fish personnel are paid out of sportsmen's dollars… not a penny from the general fund! Changing anything in our state takes time and voices. This article is meant to inform anyone who hunts or fishes about the inequities regarding the pay structure of our VERY qualified law enforcement personnel in the Arizona Game & Fish Department. Common sense says that they should earn at the VERY LEAST what other law enforcement personnel make in this state. Let the legislators in your district know that the pay increase needs to happen. It won't cost the state a single penny!

The system in place is antiquated and broken. For wildlife law enforcement people to qualify to be on food stamps is despicable. For a department that takes NO GENERAL FUND MONEY to have to abide by the less than informed legislators and governor…..needs to change. JK

Rep. Gosar to Prevent Presidential Abuse of Antiquities Act

"The president, regardless of political affiliation, should not have the authority to designate millions of acres of land without local public input"

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) released the following statement after submitting a language request to the House Appropriations Committee asking it to include language that would prevent presidential abuse of the Antiquities Act:

"During his time in office, President Obama has abused the Antiquities Act to designate or expand 22 national monuments and lock up more than three million acres of land. Shamefully, the president recently designated three new national monuments in the California desert encompassing nearly 1.8 million acres. The president, regardless of political affiliation, should not have unilateral authority to designate millions of acres of land without local public input or proper analysis.

"Unilateral designations that circumvent Congress under the Antiquities Act typically result in devastating consequences for local communities that negatively affect their future economic prosperity. These declarations often result in some of the most restrictive land-use regulations possible and also greatly impact hunting, fishing, OHV and other recreational activities. Grazing rights, water rights, wildfire prevention and other land management activities can also be negatively impacted. I will continue to do everything in my power to block presidential overreach and prevent abuse under this outdated 1906 law."


Congressman Gosar's appropriations language request makes a number of reforms to the 1906 Antiquities Act. This effort also explicitly prevents three misguided monument efforts in the Grand Canyon Watershed, the Sedona Verde Valley and in the Northwest Sonoran Desert from circumventing Congress, preventing public input and failing to comply with NEPA.

31 members of the House signed and submitted Congressman Gosar's appropriations language request including: Brian Babin, Dan Benishek, Rob Bishop, Dave Brat, Ken Buck, Jason Chaffetz, Paul Cook, Kevin Cramer, Jeff Duncan, Trent Franks, Paul Gosar, Cresent Hardy, Joe Heck, Tim Huelskamp, Walter Jones, Steve King, Raúl Labrador, Doug LaMalfa, Doug Lamborn, Cynthia Lummis, Martha McSally, Mark Meadows, Dan Newhouse, Steve Pearce, Bruce Poliquin, David Schweikert, Scott Tipton, Greg Walden, Bruce Westerman, Don Young and Ryan Zinke.

The language request was endorsed by: American Farm Bureau Federation, National Cattlemen's Beef Association, Public Lands Council, Motorcycle Industry Council, Specialty Vehicle Institute of America, Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association, Americans for Responsible Recreational Access.

In November of 2015, Congressman Gosar introduced legislation, H.R. 3946, the Protecting Local Communities from Executive Overreach Act, which updates the 1906 Antiquities Act in order to protect property rights, water rights and jobs from presidential abuse of the Antiquities Act. More information HERE.

H.R. 3946 is supported by all five Arizona Republicans and blocks two misguided monument efforts in the Grand Canyon Watershed and the Sedona Verde Valley, both of which have significant local opposition. The bill accomplishes this task by explicitly prohibiting declarations in Coconino, Mohave and Yavapai counties by executive fiat.

The full letter sent to the House Appropriations Committee


Arizona: Governor Ducey Signs Pro-Gun Bill

On Wednesday, March 30, Governor Doug Ducey (R) signed House Bill 2224 into law. HB 2224 prohibits the state and any political subdivision from levying a fee, tax, assessment or other financial encumbrance on the transfer of a firearm between two private parties who are not prohibited under state or federal law. HB 2224 passed the House of Representatives with a 35-23 vote and the Senate with a 19-10 vote. HB 2224 will go into effect 90 days after the Arizona Legislature adjourns.

The fight in Arizona isn't over yet! Senate Bill 1266, House Bill 2338, House Bill 2446, and House Bill 2524 are all waiting to be scheduled for third and final read. Additionally, Senate Bill 1257 is still waiting to be considered by the House Rules Committee before proceeding in the legislative process. Please contact your state Representative and state Senator in support of these pro-gun bills!

SB 1266, sponsored by state Senator Steve Smith (R-11), would improve the state firearms preemption law to ensure consistency throughout the Grand Canyon State. This would be done by providing a mechanism to declare unlawful regulations null and void in addition to providing penalties for knowing and willful violations by localities. SB 1266 is a much-needed protection that will help law-abiding gun owners ensure they are in compliance with the law. SB 1266 is pending third and final read in the House of Representatives.

HB 2338 would prevent educational institutions from adopting policies that would prohibit individuals from lawfully possessing or carrying a firearm in their vehicle (means of transportation) on a public right-of-way. HB 2338 is pending third and final read in the Senate.

HB 2446, sponsored by state Representative David Livingston (R-22), makes necessary revisions to Arizona's current definition of a "prohibited weapon" to exclude all firearms or devices that are legally possessed in compliance with the National Firearms Act (NFA). The technical correction made by HB 2446 changes the registration of NFA items from the Treasury Department to the appropriate Federal Agency in order to be compliant with current federal law. HB 2446 is pending third and final read in the Senate.

HB 2524 would create a "Uniform Firearm Transfer Compact." Under the compact, every state that agrees to the terms would maintain reliably uniform firearm transfer laws to ensure consistency in public policy. This compact would promote a better public understanding of the law, especially for individuals who travel and establish residences among member states. HB 2524 is pending third and final read in the Senate.

SB 1257, sponsored by state Senator John Kavanagh (R-23), makes changes to existing law and expands the list of places where law-abiding gun owners can exercise their fundamental right to self-defense to include some additional public areas where certain security measures are not in place. SB 1257 is pending consideration by the House Rules Committee to determine whether it is proper for consideration on the House floor.

Contact your State Representative

Contact your State Senator


The mission of the SRTO Operation “Challenged America” Outreach Program is to offer veterans and or disabled veterans with physical, emotional and psychological conditions, an opportunity to learn saltwater fishing skills and techniques while enjoying the saltwater fishing experience aboard our motor vessel “Challenged America”. “Challenged America” is a twin diesel engine 42’ Grand Banks Trawler, equipped with handicap boarding gate and ramp into the salon with an Aft head to provide sanitation facilities to accommodate a wheel chair or walker assistance type devices. “Challenged America” is crewed by an experienced saltwater Captain, crew and expert anglers catering to the veterans to maximize their saltwater fishing experience.

Operation “Challenged America” is modeled after the SRTO “Our Warriors on the Water” bass boat-fishing program and our participation with “Heroes on the Water” kayak fishing program, getting our veterans on the water to learn bass fishing skills and techniques. The value of these missions provide life skill experiences not known or that have been forgotten from times past or childhood memories. We present a stress free environment and platform that allows the veteran to recalibrate their thoughts with positive influences distracting from the negative experiences and mind set they may be harboring.


PFC: Earl T. Tate

September 22, 1921 - April 23, 2016 (Earl died of natural causes, he was 94 years old)

He was drafted in August 1942, and enlisted in the U. S. Army, and served as Combat Infantryman - Antitank Gun Crewman Unit 0110 Company 610 - Decorated: Good Conduct Metal - EAME Ribbon 4 Bronze Battle Stars - Combat Infantryman Badge

He fought in - Rhineland, Northern France, Central Europe, Ardennes

Earl was captured at the Battle of the Bulge, and reported as a prisoner of war on December 20, 1944; last reported as POW on February 20, 1946. He was imprisoned a total of 427 days. (Along with other POW's, numbering 4,339) He was held at Hessen, Germany - controlled at that time by Nazi Germany- Stalag (which is short for Stammlager, 12A to 9B). Earl had received several invitations to attend ceremonies where they would honor him for his service, but he declined all of them. He said he didn't want to be reminded of a time where he lost so many of this brothers/friends. He seldom spoke of his experiences during World War II. Earl was married to the love of his life, Mary Frances, they were married for 74 years. Frances preceded him in death one year to the day. He was survived by his 2 daughters, 7 Grandchildren, 21 Great Grandchildren and 14 Great-Great Grandchildren.